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Luberon, protected territory, counts among the most magic lands of Provence. Situated in 25 minutes of Aix-en-Provence and 55 minutes Avignon time, the South Luberon always fascinated. Protégé in the North by the massif, bathed in the South by Durance, he(it) offers to the visitor of the incomparable sites. The lovers of Provence and Toscane will meet themselves pass there


Between the Alps of High Provence and the plain of Vaucluse stretches the mountain of Luberon: guardian mountain, which assembles more that it separates, the valleys of Calavon in the North and the Durance in the South; natural hyphen(link) of these " country of Luberon " which(who) wave in these feet.


Provence finds here the full force of its character. Sweetness of the climate and transparency of the air(sight) excite the surprising contrasts of a rich and multiple nature: blue striation of lavenders, green of forests in the subtle nuances, the flamboyances of the cliffs of calcareous ochre, austere whiteness of hills.

Living Luberon, where everything evokes the implanting of the man in its soil: bories and low walls of dry stone, impressive bastides, perched villages setting castle and church, certain gained(won) by the fame: Lourmarin, Gordes, Manosque, Roussillon, the others less known but so charming as Vaugines or Mirabeau, where were turned(shot) " Jean de Florette " and " Manon in Sources(Springs) " and many other places to be discovered.

The luberon is a magnificent region situated in Vaucluse. This gate(portal) has for vocation to make you discover the best of the real-estate and the hebergement in Luberon... You will discover it announcements posted by private individuals and professionals of the country.

Such a big slept giant, Luberon stretches its round forms, the Alps of High Provence in the plain of Vaucluse. This guardian mountain stays up the Provenþal country of all its soul and marks the border between Haute and Bass-Provence. The sweetness of the climate and the wealth of the flora made a host country blessed by the gods. Here, the slightest révèl wall



The traditional markets in the colored and varied stalls smell sweetly the products of the soil. You will find fruits and bursting with sunshine vegetables, culinary aromatic plants, honey of lavender there...
Buy the products of the farm on the peasant markets, (vegetables, flowers, wines, fruit juices, jams, honey, goat's milk cheeses, poultry).

Amateurs of the black diamond, the markets for the truffle are particularly intended for you.
Hunt for antiques on markets in the secondhand trade, the attic sales, made by bargains on the flea markets and admire the work of the earth(ground) on markets potters.

Apt market is the biggest one of them all.




By arriving in the village by washhouses, we can admire the Mountain Ventoux, Gordes, Roussillon and Cabrières of Avignon. Then we go(take) up in the village by the Place(Square) Albert Roure.
The visit continues by the place(square) of the city hall, up to the church and the small cemetery which dominates the valley. Road making, the walker was able to discover the Citadel which dominates The village since the house of Dora Maar and Picasso, as well as the hotel of Tingry.

On the place(square) of the city hall sets up itself the bell tower and the former(ancient) mansion of Astier de Montfaucon. By going towards the church, on the right, we can observe Carmejane and the Cure, the two of the most beautiful buildings of the village.
Of the old cemetery, we can admire Castellet where lived the famous painter Nicolas de Staël.

By returning, after the City hall, we can borrow(take) the street of the Gate(Portal) to discover the chapel Holy Blaise, built in 1734, by Penitent White.

To the right is the monument dedicated to Clovis Hugues, poet félibrige, born in Ménerbes in 1851.


This village can be proud of being one of the most beautiful villages of France, with his(her,its) alleys caladées who(which) insinuate themselves between the high houses, bâties out of the rock, caught against the sides which breathe of one thousand stories(trouble) and legends.

Gordes is proud also of his magnificent castle raised(drawn up) in his heart calling back to(reminding) us a rich past as well there conq

Pol Mara museum and the city hall.

Gordes also protects on his(her) lands, the village of Bories, these curious constructions round off in dry stones, the abbey of Sénanque confined in its green valley, the mill of Broth and cellars of the Holy Palace Firmin. As for the soul, Gordes was able to see developing within it, the artistic spirit with illustrious painters such as André Lhote, Marc Chagall, Jean Deyrolle, Victor Vasarely and Pol Mara, among others, who found here the inspiration.

This culture continues even today with, during the beautiful season, of numerous exhibitions(exposures) in place As the chaplaincy Saint Jacques, the chapel of Penitent White.

The municipality(Commune) of Gordes backs up its heritage(holdings) with rigour and love so that its success does not distort him(it).

Because, Gordes, is the tourist Mecca due to its history(story), its exceptional geographic situation, its cultural quality activities as well as the fame of his(her,its) restored

Gordes owes remain authentic, keeping(preserving) his(her) Provençal traditions, while opening to welcome a tourism which knows how to like(love) him(it) and respect him(it).

Raised(Drawn up) at the edge of the tray(plateau) of Vaucluse, Gordes counts among the star villages of the Luberon where numerous celebrities and artists elected place of residence.

His(Her,Its) stone houses dry of white or grey color align themselves in spiral around the rock on which is put the village with in its summit the church and the castle which face the hills of Luberon.

Its privileged situation, its exceptional charm and its typical architecture were worth to him(her) being classified " one of the most beautiful villages of France ".

A luxurious panorama will be offered to you on the valley and the mountain of Luberon.
In the center of the village of Gordes, you will can visit his(her,its) impressive castle fortress which shelters the city hall and the Pol Mara museum, the contemporary Flemish painter. Curious village of bories also is to be visited: bories is sorts of small round huts idiots

On no account you will miss famous and very beautiful Abbey of Sénanque confined in its green valley. She(it) is always lived by the monks Cistercians who produce honey, gasoline(essence) of lavender and liqueur. All the building of XII ° is opened to the visit.

Doubtless Gordes is one of the must of Lubéron. The village enjoys a success and a World which(who) attracted(enticed) a fortunate clientele to the hide(carriage) of second homes the best-seller One year in Provence of Peter Mayle has of also to contribute to it!

The castle of Gordes (medieval and revival).
The village of bories (sheepfolds, wine vats, alleys and outer walls) Abbey of Sénanque based in 1148. Church St Firmin of 1704.
Pol Mara museum.
Museum of the Mill of Broth, (Monnument Historique: presses with olive of Ier in XVI ° century)

Leisure activities:
Walked(Worked) on Tuesdays mornings. Art galleries and crafts. Hikes and MOUNTAIN BIKE.
Flying in Hot-air balloon.
Numerous cultural and artistic exhibitions(exposures). Summer animations: theater, concert, opera. Accommodations: hotels.
Rooms in a guest house. Vacation rentals.
1 campsite(camping).
Nearby villages:Joucas (6km),
Cabrières d'Avignon (7km),
St Pantaléon (6km).

This village perched on a cape seems to go(take) up the guarding(nurse) on the valley of Apt and the plain of Cantaloupe. Gordes is overhung by his powerful castle and his(her,its) massive church, nevertheless relieved by a bell tower. With his(her,its) calades attractive (alleys) and his(her,its) rows of high fair stone houses, here is one of the most admirable of France.

The castle of Gordes is an extraordinary architectural hybrid, made by a feudal fortress and by a manor house the Renaissance, the whole reconverted to museum of modern art. Prodigious meeting that that of the mullioned windows, the tours(towers,ballots) in pepperpot and works of Vasarely, restaurant owner(restorer) of places.

Within the Mountains of Vaucluse, between Apt and Avignon, crossed(spent) the last bend of a road lined with walls of flat stones, appears Gordes. Extraordinary vision of a village raised(drawn up) on its rock. Its castle fortress and its church dominate the houses of the village staged and welded in the rock. Everywhere, caladées alleys skip between the high houses Vaults, former(old) doors, fountains, panoramas on the valley and the mountain of Luberon...

Gordes was built with the stone of the rock on which it is proper. Already, due to its geographic situation and its history(story), Romans in the Middle Ages, of time(period) the Renaissance in our days, without forgetting the marks(brands) left by the Inquisition, Gordes acquired an architectecture.

To SEE...

- The castle of an impressive size(greatness) already existed in 1031 and was reconstructed in 1525. He(it) binds(connects) the architecture of the Middle Ages to the new art of living of the Renaissance. Classified ancient memorial in 1931.
Of time(period) the Renaissance dates the magnificent fireplace(chimney) of the remarkable Trophy room, classified ancient memorial in 1902.
In the exceptionn frame(executive)

Villages of Bories with his(her,its) sheepfolds, wine vats, areas to beat the wheat, the alleys, the enclosures(pens) and the outer walls, testify of the laborious activity of uncountable generations. About 3000 years of continuity, because the origin of Bories goes back up(raises) to the bronze age and because the recent were built in the XVIIIth century. The village of Bories, classified " Mb


Numerous artists stopped(arrested) to Gordes and contributed to establish his(her,its) fame. Certain such André Lhote, Marc Chagall, Victor Vasarely or Pol Mara settled down permanently. The village is the seat(siege) of multiple cultural events in season with his(her) museums, a festival, concerts and of numerous exhibitions(exposures).